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  1. 2014.06.15 Heinrich's Law
  2. 2014.06.02 Don't Make These 9 Deadly Leadership Mistakes
  3. 2014.04.16 컨설팅펌모음

Heinrich's Law

My Interests/MGMT / 2014. 6. 15. 16:35

The Heinrich Law 
Statistics can tell us if our accident and incident reporting is working 
Herbert William Heinrich (born 1886) was an American industrial safety pioneer from the 1930s. He was an Assistant Superintendent of the Engineering and Inspection Division of Travelers Insurance Company when he published his book Industrial Accident Prevention, A Scientific Approach in 1931.

One empirical finding from his 1931 book became known as Heinrich's Law: that in a workplace, for every accident that causes a major injury, there are 29 accidents that cause minor injuries and 300 accidents that cause no injuries. Because many accidents share common root causes, addressing more commonplace accidents that cause no injuries can prevent accidents that cause injuries.

This ratio can be shown graphically as a pyramid

Heinrich Law 
No Injury
Other writers have added the fourth dimension - hazards identified before they have caused an incident.

The Bird Study
In 1969, a study of industrial accidents was undertaken by Frank E. Bird, Jr., who was then the Director of Engineering Services for the Insurance Company of North America.

Bird analysed 1,753,498 accidents reported by 297 cooperating companies. These companies represented 21 different industrial groups, employing 1,750,000 employees who worked over 3 billion hours during the exposure period analyzed. The study revealed the following ratios in the accidents reported: For every 1 reported major injury (resulting in fatality, disability, lost time or medical treatment), there were 9.8 reported minor injuries (requiring only first aid). For the 95 companies that further analyzed major injuries in their reporting, the ratio was one lost time injury per 15 medical treatment injuries.

It is critical that accident investigation be entered into knowing that we can make a difference if we can find the true causes of the accident. This means dropping any assumptions that there is nothing that can be done - "it is an accident".
If we review the company statistics and find that for ever major injury we have multiple minor injuries, which is to be expected, but for ever minor injury, we are reporting fewer 'no-injury' events, we can deduce that our reporting system is not working. 
Ineffective reporting 
Having dropped that assumption of "an accident", we should realise that we should investigate all accidents and "near miss" incidents as well as reported hazards. 


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Heinrich's Law  (0) 2014.06.15
Don't Make These 9 Deadly Leadership Mistakes  (0) 2014.06.02
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Don't Make These 9 Deadly Leadership Mistakes

You want to do the right things, but a big part of your success also hinges on avoiding the wrong things. To be a great boss, avoid these 9 common traps.

Being a leader isn't easy, and not every decision you make is going to be a good one. But you can be a more effective leader if you avoid the most common mistakes that bosses make. The good news is that, with just a little bit of work and attention, these mistakes can be avoided and your company can thrive as a result. So avoid these 9 deadly leadership mistakes at all cost.

1. Failing to delegate

The key to leadership success is to learn to effectively delegate both the responsibility for completing assignments and the authority required to get things done. Whenever you prepare to take on a new task or assignment, make a point to ask yourself whether one of your employees can do it instead.

2. Not setting goals

Not only do goals give employees direction and purpose, but they ensure that your employees are working towards the overall goals of the organization. Setting goals with employees is a key job of any leader. Ultimately, the goals that you and your employees agree to should support the goals of your organization.

3. Looking for quick fixes

No matter how difficult the problem, there is always a quick solution. The trouble is that in our zeal to fix things quickly and move on to the next fire to be fought, we often overlook the lasting solution that may take longer to develop. You want to make a decision and move on, but don't be too hasty.

4. Communicating poorly--or not at all

It can be difficult for busy bosses to keep employees up to date on the latest developments. And with the speed that information now travels, employees may learn what's going on in the organization before the boss does.  Regardless, make every effort to get employees the information they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

5. Failing to learn

Every employee, no matter how talented or meticulous, makes mistakes.  What separates good employees from not-so-good employees is their ability to learn from those mistakes.  The best leaders create an environment in which employees aren't afraid to take prudent risks, even if it means occasional failure, because that's how employees learn.

6. Resisting change

If you think you can keep things from changing in your business, you are mistaken. Instead of resisting change, or reacting to it after the fact, anticipate the changes that are coming and make plans to address them before they arrive.

7. Not making time for employees

Above all, leadership is a people job. When an employee needs to talk with you--whatever the reason--put your work aside, turn off the phone, and focus on that employee. If you're not available at that moment, make an appointment to meet with the employee as soon as possible.

8. Missing chances to make work fun

Without a doubt, being a boss is serious business. Despite the gravity of these responsibilities, the best leaders make their organizations fun places to be. Your people spend about one-third of their lives at work.  Make it a pleasant place for them.

9. Failing to praise and reward

There are many things that leaders can do to recognize employees that cost little or no money, are easy to implement, and take only a few minutes to accomplish.  When you take the time to recognize employees’ achievements, the result is improved morale, performance, and loyalty.

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Heinrich's Law  (0) 2014.06.15
Don't Make These 9 Deadly Leadership Mistakes  (0) 2014.06.02
컨설팅펌모음  (0) 2014.04.16
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My Interests/MGMT / 2014. 4. 16. 21:44


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엘리오앤컴퍼니]   경영진단,비전및전략,정부및지자체,경영컨설팅,다면평가서비스제공

한국알앤씨  커리어플래닝,경영컨설팅,HR전문경영컨설팅회사,아웃플래이스먼트경력개발관리,커리어,상담실운영

Sunnet   웹사이트구축 및 운영, 웹 어플리케이션, 커머스 솔루션 개발, e비즈니스 컨설팅. 포트포리오 수록.

QMS컨설팅    ISO14000경영시스템,KS,경영컨설팅,환경인증및해외규격인증전문컨설팅

태평양컨설팅그룹  코스닥,주식공모,경영컨설팅업체,창업,경영컨설팅,M&A등온라인상담

시그마에코컨설팅  DFSS,경영컨설팅,6시그마교육및지도,CRM,SCM,신뢰성등품질관련컨설팅제공

티알씨코리아    위기관리,경영컨설팅,위험조사,경영시스템,PL,리스크매니지먼트,구조안전,에너지컨설팅

대일기업평가원   브랜드,경영컨설팅,정부지정기술거래기관,무형자산,가치평가,기술경영,금융및경영컨설팅

탑 매니지먼트 컨설팅  TE,경영컨설팅,TL9000,QS-9000/TS16949,ISO14000,FMEA등품질경영컨설팅

에이스컨설팅    펀딩,경영컨실팅및마케팅서비스업체,경영컨설팅,마케팅등사업분야소개

TTS컨설팅   벤처기업,경영컨설팅,컨설팅전문업체,기술,경영,해외인증,교육컨설팅,헤드헌팅

호텔아이푸드    직원서비스교육,숙박업,경영컨설팅,경영컨설팅,사업계획서작성대행업체

CSTONE    PI,경영컨설팅,성과주의경영및시스템구축,경영진단,조직재설계,교육및세미나

K&S 경영 컨설팅  상담업체.컨설팅및위탁경영안내,경영진단,경영컨설팅,정보광장수록

극동솔루션 엔지니어링,제조기술컨설팅전문업체,세라믹,경영컨설팅,용해로진단및중소기업지원

웨슬리퀘스트   인사,BSCol한국affiliate,성과관리,경영컨설팅,조직관리컨설팅전문

말콤볼드릿지   2004년도판영문원본및한글번역본설명,경영컨설팅,KMB세미나및강의안내

SCG Group    N/W관리,경영컨설팅,EKP분야마케팅및컨설팅전문회사,보안,서버관리,성능관리수행

SPEC  심사절차,ISO9000(품질경영체제),인증소개,경영컨설팅,VCA인증안내

프로인 경영 컨설팅 개발관련경영컨설팅및교육,경영컨설팅,설비,생산,안전,훈련업체

기계공제조합   기계류신용보증기관.기계산업발전,경영컨설팅,이익도모.보증안내

킴스컨설팅    출판,기업경영컨설팅,기업교육,경영컨설팅,미디어서비스제공업체

하이알엠에스    배상책임,위험관리컨설팅전문업체,사고사례,경영컨설팅,보험가액평가등업무소개

우리경영혁신연구소   2000,경영혁신프로그램,경영컨설팅,HACCP품질경영시스템도서및사이트안내

META B 경영연구원   데이터마이닝,경영컨설팅,경영컨설팅,데이터베이스,경영전략컨설팅,시장조사,경영자교육

QM&E 경영컨설팅 경영컨설팅,기업의국제경쟁력제고를위한컨설팅노하우제공

아이앤아이오    인사관리아웃소싱등경영컨설팅및경영상담사업,경영컨설팅,회계,세무,총무,창업인큐베이터운영

산업경영기술 컨설팅   기술사중심의경영컨설팅기관,경영컨설팅,교육/컨설팅맞춤서비스.

씨피디   유통산업경영컨설팅업체,경영컨설팅,보도자료및업무소개

우도경영기술연구소   중소기업정책자금,벤처기업진단지도,경영컨설팅,INO-BIZ기업진단지도

시에스투비    분석비용안내,경영혁신설문조사서비스제공업체,경영컨설팅,관련소프트웨어소개

영인컨설팅   벤처업체TPM,반도체첨단산업TPM,생산성종합진단,경영컨설팅,지식경영정보제공

엠씨코리아  사업계획서,경영컨설팅,경영컨설팅전문업체,신용보증자문,자금조달,경영정보

에버그린컨설팅  OHSAS18001,ISO9001,교육실시,경영컨설팅,사내표준화구축

아하비즈   아웃소싱,경영컨설팅,기업정보제공사이트,경영기술정보,중국진출컨설팅,인쇄,출판지원안내

토탈비즈컨설팅   사업실적안내,창업인,경영컨설팅,자료실수록

한국경영시스템연구원   TL9000,경영컨설팅,경영컨설팅업체,QS9000,14000,TS16949,제품인증

초우량경영성취센타  경영, 공장혁신, ISO인증 교육, 초우량기업 및 행정인증제도 제공

인베스투스    기업금융자문,경영컨설팅,BSC및투자업체,경영컨설팅,기업구조조정등서비스안내

랩인베스트 어소시에이츠  웹컨설팅,경영컨설팅,투자은행및테크놀로지컨설팅전문회사,벤처인큐베이팅,투자유치및M&A

베이직컨설팅   PL컨설팅및홈페이지제작,경영컨설팅,ISO9000,QS9000,TL9000,ERP구축통합컨설

전략기술경영연구원  인력,국내외산업기술관련정보,교육,경영컨설팅,경영컨설팅제공

PMDACOME   PMP,프로젝트매니지먼트스킬교육및컨설팅,경영컨설팅,PDU취득안내

하나기업컨설팅    경영혁신등기업교육과인사제도및교육체계수립,경영컨설팅,교육과정개발등의컨설팅에관한정보제공

에스엔시닷컴   사업계획서,경영컨설팅,해외진출지원컨설팅,제품시험,기술제휴선발굴,기술문서기획

코스팅넷닷컴   경영컨설팅,원가관리전문컨설팅업체로원가회계를통한전략적경영의사결정모델개발및관련자료소개

최선 컨설팅 그룹   교육및경영컨설팅업체.프로그램안내,경영컨설팅,아카데미소개

PL Korea 보험,경영컨설팅,제조물책임대응을위한진단,법률,제품안전,교육,정보및자료제공

브이소사이어티  대기업및벤처기업의협력을위한CEO커뮤니티구축,경영컨설팅,프로그램등소개

하이큐컨설팅  CCC등해외인증,경영컨설팅,기술경영컨설팅,FDA,UL,TS16949,ISO9000,14000기술지도

점포크리닉    교육및강의소개,중소기업컨설팅,경영컨설팅,소자본창업안내

이지컨설팅   인사, 연봉, 규정 및 제도, 계획평가, 서식, 양식 등 경영 관련 자료제공

에이엔에이컨설팅   교육훈련,경영컨설팅,기술개발및경영컨설팅,중국시장진출,미국시장ProductLaunch,마케팅등제공

액티브러닝   교육훈련,기업교육,산업교육,경영컨설팅,교육컨설팅등자료안내및과정소개

성공경영연구소   경영컨설팅업체,경영컨설팅,테마별특강전문

사외이사 인력뱅크  경영컨설팅,사외이사를필요로하는기업을위한사외이사인물정보제공

덕유경영컨설팅 지도,경영컨설팅,ISO9000,KS표시인증,QS9000,자문,교육업무등수행

리프레시메이트    선택형복리후생컨설팅업체,경영컨설팅,운영대행서비스

케이엠티 컨설팅  Cognos솔루션이용기업예산및사업계획플래닝,경영컨설팅,ABC관리회계컨설팅

기계공제조합 PL정보망   제조물책임리스크매니지먼트무료컨설팅,경영컨설팅,PL법상담서비스제공

프론티어경영컨설팅   아웃소싱,경영컨설팅,M&A,경영컨설팅,정보시스템구축업체

테크 컨설팅  기업경영지도,경영컨설팅,교육컨설팅업체

비즈하이 ]   리서치,경영컨설팅,공공정책,정책연구,기술정책,경영전략컨설팅수행

한신컴퍼니라인    경영컨설팅,기업경영정보컨설팅업체.외국기업에한국관련정보제공

elPO   사업소개,비상장기업발굴,경영보조컨설팅,경영컨설팅,제휴사소개수록

다온컨설팅   팀활동을통한문제해결,기업현장의성과혁신,경영컨설팅,홍승철과의인터넷상담

온더아이티  총체적경영관리솔루션,경영컨설팅,기업인프라구축업체

USAconsult  경영컨설팅,여러분야의컨설팅화사들을분야별로정리소개

엔터빌더   제조및건설ERP솔루션공급,경영컨설팅,경영컨설팅제공업체

에비콤스  동시통역운용시스템구축,국제P.R,화상회의,경영컨설팅,적용소프트웨어제공


플래티늄 컨설팅 서비스, 제조 경영 컨설팅 업체, 전략 수립, ISP, BSC, 기업가치평가 수행 안내

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